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Annoyed by martens in your car and house? Looking for a customised marten repellent solution? Look no further – you can rely on more than 30 years of marten protection experience. Trust in our knowledge of martens’ behaviour and our expertise in chasing away the little rascals. Benefit from innovative repellent products and customised solutions for your marten problem. Prevent costly marten damage with STOP&GO. The average case of marten damage costs several hundred euros to repair.
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STOP&GO marten repellent – now with GTÜ test seal.

All STOP&GO 7 PLUS-MINUS SKT and 8 PLUS-MINUS SKT combination devices now bear the GTÜ seal for tested and certified quality in workmanship, operation and functionality. Both devices received top marks in all of the test categories. Further information

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PRO 7 – Galileo

Motoring association ADAC estimates that martens are responsible for about 17,000 cases of vehicle damage per year. It’s time to act. But what keeps these unwanted visitors away from our cars? Galileo tests out the effectiveness of both common and unconventional repellent methods.

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Stone martens have a very keen sense of smell and hearing. So go for their hypersensitive nerves before they get on yours. STOP&GO offers effective solutions. Make sure to get rid of these critters for good with a forceful but harmless electric shock. Place these high-voltage devices in your engine compartment for the greatest effect. You can also chase martens away from their access holes to your home. Another option is the comprehensive scent repellent series comprising of the STOP&GO anti-marten spray, which can be sprayed on sponge cloth, and our anti-marten scented disks.

Please note: The ultrasonic devices must be properly installed at a maximum distance of 3 m!

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The company started developing and selling stand-alone marten repellent products under the brand name STOP&GO in 1988. It was at this time that it became apparent that the synanthropic animal was responsible for a rising number of cases of damage to cars and houses. Clever marten repellent products were needed: Scents of natural enemies as well as installed marten repellents with the latest ultrasound and high-voltage technology became the foundation of the marten repellent range offered by Norbert Schaub GmbH. Our marten repellent products are sustainable and do not harm the animals. The marten repellent products are test winners and their performance speaks for itself.

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  • 1,200 sqm highly modern logistics facility
  • 30 employees
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  • 30 years of experience

Verified quality

Our products bear the GTÜ seal for tested and certified quality in workmanship, operation and functionality.

4-year warranty

We process our products in accordance with the highest quality standards and even provide a 4-year warranty.

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You can order our award-winning marten repellent products directly from us without dealing with distributors.

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Are you looking for comprehensive marten protection? At STOP&GO, we offer you marten repellent products for universal use – in your home, garage, attic or car. We have various solutions for protecting your engine compartment against stone martens – but they can also be used in plenty of other areas. If you want to protect against automobile damage caused by martens, killing or even simply catching them isn’t an option. Stone martens, also called white breasted martens, are subject to game laws.

If you want to gain the upper hand on martens in your car or attic, then you’ll need our marten repellent products.