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STOP&GO – your expert for effective marten repellents

Martens like the spaces in car engine compartments. They are an important part of our ecosystem, but the damage they can cause to cars is annoying, expensive and time-consuming. With our STOP&GO products, you can finally put a stop to this sort of damage!


Looking for customised marten repellent solutions?

Prevent costly marten damage with STOP&GO for effective anti-marten protection.

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An essential step in the targeted control of odour-sensitive martens is thoroughly cleaning with Marten STOP&GO scent mark remover. It is harmless to all the materials in the area you need to protect, but absolutely necessary if you want to successfully repel martens.


Give those little biters the runaround. With Stop&Go repellent scents, you can rub those unwanted guests’ noses in the fact that they are not wanted. Our marten removal scents work on an animal basis and irritate the odour-sensitive animal, causing it to run away.


The house marten’s hearing is also rather sensitive. Would you prefer an odourless way of scaring them off? Then our ultrasound repellent solutions are just the thing for you. Constantly changing frequencies, which simulate fear and alarm signals, cause martens to flee; keeping your own hearing and your nerves marten-free.


House martens are in for a bit of a shock when they come too close to our high-voltage marten repellent products. The little shock is a long-lasting reminder for the marten, but without causing any damage to this protected animal. Discover our technically refined, high-voltage marten repellents, which are ideal for your electrically sensitive car.


Your car-specific marten repellent: thanks to a special bite-resistant coating, your hoses, ignition cables, radiator hoses, lambda sensor cables and catalytic converters will no longer be a target for martens!


Ultimately, Marten STOP&GO is a well-rounded and unique comprehensive range from your experienced specialists in marten repellent solutions. See for yourself the effects that our bite-resistant roof antennas, expansion sets for technical marten repellents and spare batteries can have on both your nerves and your wallet. Save yourself hundreds of euros by preventing marten damage; we are your partner for pest removal.


Uninvited house marten guests in your cosy home?

Put your trust in years of experience in repelling martens. We provide tailor-made removal solutions, relieving you of your uninvited house guests. Looking for complete marten protection? Whether for your house, garage, loft or car: we at STOP&GO can offer you tailor-made marten protection. We offer various repellent products to defend against martens in your engine compartment, but these can also be used in other areas. The marten is extremely sensitive to smells and sounds. So, outwit them before you’re at your wits’ end. We offer you effective solutions. The longest lasting way to get rid of the animal is with a small but harmless electric shock. Place this high-voltage device in your engine compartment for maximum effect. It can also have an effect if you place it at the hole where the marten is getting in. In addition, you can rely on comprehensive scent defence using STOP&GO anti-marten spray, which can be sprayed on sponge cloths, or use our anti-marten scent discs. For efficient protection, round off your marten repellent system with our battery-powered ultrasound devices. It’s important to remember to position your marten repellent at the correct distance of no more than 5 m!