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Marten bites: better safe than sorry – not all insurance policies cover marten damage.

Marten tracks on your car? It’s time to act quickly: if a stone marten has chosen your car as a hiding place, this could be dangerous when parking in far-flung places. Animals of the same species recognise the scent marks of local members of their own species and will immediately defend their territory.

Male stone martens in particular express their aggression by biting hoses and cables. They also tear apart the insulation material under the bonnet as a demonstration of their power. The consequences of marten bites are serious. There are heaps of cars in which marten damage has caused the electronics to fail or resulted in small fires caused by destroyed insulation material, which can catch fire in hot engine parts. Often, all that can be done is to tow the car to the nearest garage. In terms of repair, not only do the bitten hoses and cables need to be replaced and coated as a form of marten protection – it is also necessary to wash the engine to completely remove all the marten’s scent marks and avoid any further marten damage.

Put a stop to expensive marten bite repair costs! Prevent the martens from biting in the first place! The double contact plate from STOP&GO prevents almost 100% of marten damage using small electric shocks. This marten repellent is animal-friendly and does not injure the animal.

Marten damage in your house? The cat-like stone marten is a really strong climbing expert. It can climb up walls of houses and brush aside roof tiles effortlessly. So, in their territory spanning up to 210 hectares, they’ll easily find one of their widely used hiding places. House martens will feel right at home in your attic, and may even produce up to 5 offspring there, which you won’t fail to notice when they start whimpering and screeching.

Marten damage in the home can include noise nuisance due to clattering about, bringing in waste and rotting carcasses, as well as the resulting unpleasant smells and unhygienic consequences. Martens are real hygiene pests, but catching or killing stone martens is not allowed. The little predator which delights in biting tubes and hoses is protected by hunting laws.

Frighten off those martens – before you are faced with the frightening costs of marten damage!

Our STOP&GO range provides repellents against martens in all areas and in various ways, be it scented products, electronic devices or mechanical protection. The battery-operated marten repellent devices can be positioned freely in the home and outdoors.

Avoid high heating costs caused by marten damage to your insulation. Prevent mildew from forming in your attic and avoid the cost of removing marten waste.

Act now! You’re sure to find your ideal solution for preventing marten damage in our shop.