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Reliably repel those pesky marten house guests! Use our animal-friendly marten repellent to get rid of the martens in your roof.

Why is it important to get rid of martens in your house and yard in an animal-friendly way? In some countries, such as Germany, catching stone martens in live traps and releasing or killing them is controlled by hunting laws. “DIY” marten defence is therefore often prohibited. Household remedies to combat martens in your house and car often only have a short-term effect.

In the 1960s, the pesky rodent was much more popular. Martens were often found in the house, but this time in the form of fur coats in the wardrobes, just like its relative, the stoat. From the 1980s the rodent started becoming more familiar as martens started affecting cars. This is how the stone marten started becoming known in Germany as the “car marten”.

Stone martens are not found in cars and lofts because of the smell, as was once suspected. And the car marten does not have any preference for particular makes of vehicle, either. Engine compartments simply offer enough space for the marten as a refuge, to feed and to discover new things. The rodent can also find insulation material to build its nest in engine compartments. The local marten’s scent mark makes non-local martens aggressive. The stone marten has to protect its territory by biting, primarily during the mating season – it lets out its anger on cables and hoses in engine compartments.

With the double contact plate from STOP&GO, you can put a stop to those martens in your car! You can park your car outdoors without hesitation and without the risk of martens. The electric shock will scare off the stone marten.

In your home, the stone marten, which loves to climb, will use any hole in your loft as a hiding place to expand its territory. Roofs provide optimal conditions for martens to breed. You’ll start noticing young martens in spring, thanks to their whimpering noises. You might also notice the parents scuffling about or the smell of rotting carcasses, alerting you to a marten infestation in the attic.

This is where STOP&GO marten defence spray helps to combat the smell-sensitive house marten. Use our efficient ultrasound marten repellent with changing ultrasonic sounds against martens with their sensitive sense of hearing!

It is important to place the marten repellent in your house as soon as you hear the first scuffling noises and before the young animals are born. Stone martens are protected under hunting laws. If you get rid of the parents, the young will die.