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Safely keep your car marten-free once and for all – permanently repel stone martens without causing them any harm. Stone martens are a nuisance for many car owners. Perhaps you’ve never had a problem with marten bites in the past. But suddenly, after your first night on holiday, you see signs of martens in your engine compartment. This is not unusual – these “holiday martens” leave their mark in your engine compartment by biting to defend their territory against the scent marks of your own local martens from your house or yard. The best way to combat these predators is with our double contact plate!

Have you discovered traces of marten bites in your engine compartment? Be forewarned – marten damage can considerably impair your car’s operational safety!

“Now I’ll need a marten trap”, you might be thinking. You want to catch a marten? Be careful! Stone martens are protected under hunting laws. In Germany and many other countries, not just anyone is allowed to catch martens. And simply releasing these adaptive creatures even up to 20 km away will not ensure their permanent disappearance. They will quickly find their way back to your car.

Take action against those pesky martens  now – high-voltage marten repellent devices offer reliable protection! They are easy to install and suitable for use in any vehicle.

If you are looking to get rid of martens for good, use high-voltage device with double contact plates. There are plenty of conducting surfaces for these in the engine compartment, even in modern vehicles with lots of varnish, plastic and sound insulation. With a strong enough electric shock, your car will be marten-free. Anti-marten devices with double contact plates therefore work irrespective of the nature of the surrounding area, as high voltage – i.e. the PLUS and MINUS pole – is present in the same place.

An interesting fact for animal lovers: This  marten repellent is not  harmful to martens, but is still unpleasant and will be remembered – causing martens to leave their territory.

Found signs of martens? What now? Use our effective products to defend against martens chewing up your car –  the 6 PLUS-MINUS, 7 PLUS-MINUS and 8 PLUS-MINUS marten repellent devices are supplied with 6 stainless steel double contact plates, and insulation-displacement contacts if needed. In addition, these devices also deliver an ultrasonic sound, offering combined marten control for the most stubborn martens who have to “learn the hard way”.

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