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Our Mission

Over the years we have successfully established ourselves as sellers of traditional chemical-technical products in the regional car sales industry, and we are seen across Europe as an expert partner for marten repellents.

Day after day, all our thoughts and actions are aimed at always giving our best.

Our products therefore represent quality and innovation. In addition, we place great importance on the fact that all our products are developed in an environmentally friendly way and in a way that safeguards the animal. Alongside flawless products, it is also important to us to offer our stakeholders excellent service. Our motivation is to constantly treat our customers with friendliness, reliability and helpfulness, so that we can be an all-round expert partner for them. To guarantee this, we strive to constantly expand our qualified team with professionals from various industries.

Another important point that is very close to our hearts is the social engagement that we have been undertaking for so many years, both on a regional level and in Germany. It is important to us that we not only take responsibility for our customers and employees, but also that we are actively involved in supporting social causes.

Our Vision

Our goal is to work together with our customers and employees to double our annual turnover in the next five years. We would like to achieve this by expanding geographically, which requires us to increase our activities in supplying neighbouring countries. Over the coming years, we also want to expand our product range, which is why we are planning to establish another foothold in the market. This will work to the advantage of both our customers and employees, who will benefit from the new growth opportunities.

Another goal is to ensure our products are of premium quality, even those in the lower price segment, and to comply with the applicable environmental standards. But in addition to all the economic and environmental goals, we also want to continue to emphasise and actively support social causes. We look forward to working with you to shape our future.



The customer is at the heart of everything we do. We tailor all our thoughts, actions and our service to the customer’s specific needs. Customer satisfaction is what drives us and forms the basis for all our actions. We consider friendliness, reliability, punctuality and fairness to be fundamental premises.


We work together with our employees to shape our present and future success. Only with their dedication and motivation can we achieve our goals. We therefore want to be a great company for our employees to work for, promoting their individual skills, supporting them and taking responsibility for them. Our employees are crucial to the company’s success. We recognise this by paying wages above the standard rate and offering profit sharing in the form of bonuses.


We consider it only natural that we regularly review the profitability of our services, so that we can secure our company’s future. Sustainable management plays an important role in both the development and the production of our products.


We carefully monitor developments in the field of marten repellents so that in the future we can continue to respond to the changing conditions with innovative products and successful measures. After all, we want to safeguard our position in this field in the future, too.


We are committed to the quality of our products. We ensure premium quality in both the lower and upper price segments. This requires expert advice, innovative ideas and solutions, combined with continuous monitoring.


With our innovative products, we are making an active commitment to protecting the environment. Certified participation in the climate and environment protection project ECO-fit is also very important to us. This is a project run by the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald. The project focuses on reducing energy consumption and on conservation of resources. Above all things, we care about the well-being of the marten and we take this into consideration when developing our marten repellent products.


Social engagement is an issue very close to our hearts. Both regionally and nationally, we try to help promote projects that urgently need our support.