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Don’t hesitate to put your trust in an expert marten repellent provider now. With STOP&GO marten repellent, Norbert Schaub GmbH offers an effective product line to help you prevent marten damage.

Founded in 1970 in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, the company was run by Norbert Schaub and his son Stefan from 1982 to 2014. Since 2015, the producer of innovative marten repellent solutions has been in the hands of Hans-Jörg Schelb. N. Schaub GmbH has traditionally sold chemical-technical products and special lubricants. When the company was launched, it specialised in the automotive industry, successfully establishing itself with brands such as Kawenol, Wynn’s, Teroson, Loctite and Castrol. Building on this wealth of experience, the company has also established developments, ideas and innovations in the STOP&GO marten repellent range.

The company started independently developing and selling marten repellent products under the brand name STOP&GO in 1988. It was at this time that it became apparent that the synanthropic animal was responsible for continuously increasing cases of damage to cars, houses and gardens. Clever marten repellent products were in high demand. Marten repellent scents of natural enemies as well as installed repellents with the latest ultrasound and high-voltage technology became the foundation of the marten repellent range offered by N. Schaub GmbH. The important aspect of these marten repellent products was their sustainability and animal-friendliness. The marten repellent products are test winners and their performance speaks for itself.

Looking for marten repellents for the home? STOP&GO – your marten repellent specialist all across Europe.

Established in 2009, the new company building of Norbert Schaub GmbH has 1,200 sqm of modern logistics space. This guarantees the highest possible supply capacity for the entire product range. At the same time, the building offers spacious facilities for training, product development, administration and shipping of the marten repellent product range.

In 2009, STOP&GO presented a high-quality information and training video on marten protection in houses, cars and more. Modern training and information media, along with trade fair appearances and advertising campaigns, are essential to the success story of STOP&GO. Insurance companies, automobile associations, radio and television have all expressed great interest in our tailor-made marten repellent solutions. We will be delighted to provide a customised STOP&GO marten repellent solution for you, too.

Become part of our marten protection success story.

In 2010, we had already exceeded our ambitious targets by July. These included personnel reinforcement in the marten repellent team as well as new developments and enhancements to tailor-made STOP&GO marten repellent products. In 2011, we presented our innovative marten repellent developments. One milestone in marten protection was when Schaub became certified under the “ECOfit” programme in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, as well as under DIN EN ISO9001.

In 2010, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary and continued to build on its long-standing expertise in marten protection in the car and home. Instead of organising an expensive celebration, the anniversary gave the company the chance to further enhance the social engagement that it has been practicing for so many years. Find out more about this and other topics in our social engagement area. In 2013, STOP&GO took to the international stage thanks to its collaborative work with partners.

Innovative marten repellent for the car – developed for you since June 2011. We have been providing:

1. The first “marten-proof” radio antenna in various lengths – an inexpensive and effective solution to marten bites.

2. The first battery-operated slimline ultrasonic marten repellent device with a slim design and a 24-month service life.

See for yourself – both marten repellent products perform extremely well on the market.

At the end of 2011, the slimline series was expanded with the addition of two further products – the two high-voltage marten repellent devices 7 PLUS-MINUS and 8 PLUS-MINUS – setting new standards in the field of marten repellents. The main advantages of these products are the extremely low power consumption of around 0.4 mA and the greatly simplified installation of the marten repellent devices. The combination of the latest technology and the highest quality in marten protection is all part of the traditional expertise that we can offer you.

The 8 PLUS-MINUS marten repellent solution is a completely technologically independent high-voltage anti-marten device – without the need to connect to an onboard power supply. A global innovation in marten protection.

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Grow with us and benefit from the expertise of our growing team of marten repellent experts.

Innovative marten repellent developments require clever thinkers. Our growing team is always searching for the optimal solution to your marten problem. Norbert Schaub GmbH now boasts over 30 members of staff. We achieved the best turnover in the history of our company in 2014 and 2015.

Marten repellents are effective when they are high-quality and comprehensive. This is where STOP&GO sets high standards with its marten repellents, keeping you free of martens. For us, quality and innovation are the measure of all things – and our customers appreciate that. This philosophy is our top priority when it comes to marten repellent products.

Since January 2015, Norbert Schaub GmbH has been under the leadership of a new manager, Hans-Jörg Schelb. And we are continuing to grow to offer you even more marten repellent solutions. To further expand the company, Mr Schelb purchased a neighbouring commercial property, clearly demonstrating the company’s commitment to jobs and location. The marten repellent brand STOP&GO is enhanced by the continued success stories of the individual marten repellent products – and there are plenty of marten repellent innovations to look forward to.

Company history of Norbert Schaub GmbH


The tried-and-tested PLUS-MINUS double contact plate was majorly enhanced by a insulation-displacement contact, which provided even better protection from that point forward while at the same time offering even easier installation, proving the innovative power of our company.


Hans-Jörg Schelb takes over the company. Purchase of a neighbouring commercial property for further expansion. In 2015, Norbert Schaub GmbH was honoured as “socially engaged” by the Caritas care association and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Finances and Economy.


Collaboration with a semi-international trade company → publicity promotion of the STOP&GO brand.


First marten-proof radio antenna, available in various lengths. Market launch of the Slimline product range → first type 4B, then the 7 and 8 PLUS-MINUS high-voltage devices, a novel generation of sensor-controlled electronic marten repellent devices.


Additional staff. New acquisition of a large portion of the fleet. Development and enhancement of STOP&GO products. Certification under the “ECOfit” programme in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, as well as under ISO 9001:2008.


The newly inaugurated company building offers 1,200 sqm of logistics space and ensures the highest possible service level for the entire product range. The building also has spacious facilities for training, administration and shipping. Elaborately produced training information video.


Distribution extended from car dealerships and garages to wholesalers.


The founding of Norbert Schaub GmbH.


Continuously increasing cases of marten damage led the company to develop and sell stand-alone marten repellent products under the brand STOP&GO. Scented sticks manufactured in Austria were the first marten repellent products. A period marked by active customer acquisition.


Norbert Schaub bought out a small manufacturing facility for chemical-technical products and special lubricants in Freiburg im Breisgau and took over the existing customers. The first location was in Vögisheim/Müllheim. Initial sales of chemical-technical products and special lubricants.