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For decades now, Norbert Schaub GmbH has been actively supporting social causes. The company places great importance on taking social responsibility both regionally and globally, and promoting sustainable development. Thanks to help from donations of money and goods, the company is working in long-term partnership to support the following associations and institutions:

For this reason, we prefer to celebrate our partners’ and friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and the New Year with a personal letter rather than by giving a present or product gift. Instead, we use the financial resources we save in doing so to help children in third-world countries such as Uganda and East Africa.

As within the previous year, Norbert Schaub GmbH will continue in 2019 to finance two doctors positions at a hospital managed by Salem international in the southeast of Uganda. The Ugandan government’s goal is for every child to be born in a hospital. As a result, SALEM Hospital, where both doctors work, is very popular. Dr Maleika currently works in the children’s ward, while Dr George is stationed in the maternity ward.

In 2010, to mark its 25th anniversary, the company donated 1 euro for every day that had passed since it was founded. This generated a total of €9,125, which was increased to €15,000 by personal donations from the owners. This money is currently being used to rebuild a school in the north of Uganda that was destroyed by rebels. This school will be the first independent project to be funded exclusively by Schaub and its workforce. A small ceremony was held on the 28th of January 2011 to officially honour long-standing company employees as well as the donation.

In the subsequent year, 2011, another donation of €10,000 was made to Tukolere Wamu e.V. to secure the interior construction of the newly built Odongo James College. In addition, the money was used to set up a scientific laboratory.

But the social engagement of Norbert Schaub GmbH is not limited to supporting the construction of secondary schools in Uganda. Another example of our work is the contribution we have been making to animal welfare for several years, often involving helping vulnerable animals. The company and its workforce has a special affinity for animals, as shown by its membership of the Tierschutzverein Freiburg e.V. (Freiburg Animal Welfare Association), member no. 114692. This animal welfare association’s work is further supported by adverts in the association’s own newspaper.


»Lea-Mittelstandspreis« SOCIALLY ENGAGED 2018

As part of the medium-sized business award for social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, we were once again awarded the title “Socially engaged in 2018”. Our sales managers Sari Melcher (national) and Fabienne Killy (international) received the award in Stuttgart.

»Lea-Mittelstandspreis« SOCIALLY ENGAGED 2016

As part of the medium-sized business award for social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, we were once again awarded the title “Socially engaged in 2016”. Our sales managers Sari Melcher (national) and Fabienne Killy (international) received the award in Stuttgart.

»Lea-Mittelstandspreis« SOCIALLY ENGAGED 2015

As part of the medium-sized business award for social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, we were awarded the title “Socially engaged in 2015”. Our employee Sari Melcher received the award in Stuttgart.


Thanks to the active and sustainable commitment of Norbert Schaub GmbH over the last few years, James Odongo Schule in Kabwangasi has been continuously expanding. For example, the secondary school achieved accreditation thanks to the financing of a scientific laboratory, its water supply has been secured and a common room and dining room has been constructed.

In 2015 the focus was on smaller projects as well as renovating and extending the boys’ dormitory. This was another important measure in supporting the efficiency of the school complex in Kabwangasi and allowed many young people in the rural area to get a secondary school education. We are looking forward to the initial results!



The German ambassador to Uganda, Mr. Düxmann, visited James Odongo Secondary School in Kabwangasi, East Uganda at the end of his term in office and recognised the work Norbert Schaub GmbH has done there.


Caritas and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Economy awarded dedicated medium-sized companies with this title in the New Palace in Stuttgart on 3. July 2014.

Speeches were made by:

Mr. Peter Hofelich,
(State government representative for the mid-sized sector and trade in Baden-Württemberg)

Mr. Dr. Fridolin Keck
(Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Freiburg)

Patrons of the event included:

Mr. archbishop em. Dr. Robert Zollitsch,
Archdiocese of Freiburg

Mr. Dr. Nils Schmidt MdL,
Minister of Finance and Economy

Mr. Bernhard Appel,
Director of the Diocesan Caritas

Mr. Guido Rebstock,
Ministerial Director

We are delighted and would like to express our thanks for the recognition of our efforts:


As part of my studies focusing on PR and communication management, I first came into contact with Norbert Schaub GmbH for an assignment (developing and designing a company philosophy, see Company/Corporate Philosophy). An important part of my work was discussing and presenting the company’s long-standing social engagement. Based on that successful collaboration, starting my career with Schaub after graduating was an easy choice.

My area of responsibility includes communication and PR work as well as taking care of the company’s social engagement. As stated in the previous reports, the company promotes various child sponsorship programmes. Furthermore, it also supported the construction of the Odongo James secondary school in Uganda, the company’s first independently financed project. This project was supervised by Tukolere Wamu e.V., a locally based association. The association offers so-called “educational trips” several times a year. The primary purpose of these trips is to get to know the country, its people and the diverse projects. In May this year, Schaub offered me the opportunity to take part in one of these trips to Uganda, to get a picture of the local conditions.

As part of my visit, the Odongo James school organised an inauguration ceremony, during which I was able to see with my own eyes the progress that the school had made since the last report by Ms. Schweizer-Ehrler in January 2013. For example, the scientific laboratory has now been developed further, allowing students to perform some interesting experiments.


In addition to the school inauguration, the 14-day tour naturally also included a series of other highlights for us to enjoy together. Thanks to Ms Schweizer-Ehrler’s active support and supervision of various social projects, we have been able to get in-depth insights into the various situations and stations at Salem. For example, we were able to get to know about the circumstances of families that have had to put their children in the care of Salem because they were unable to look after them for whatever reason. We were able to participate actively in agriculture, for example ploughing the fields with an ox, planting trees, harvesting and preparing local foods and more. Another project, which was primarily undertaken by the men in the tour group, involved building a clay oven for a Ugandan family. We also went on adventurous tours around the country. These included a safari, a boat trip on the Nile, a visit to Murchison Falls where we spent the night near the river, hikes to Sipi Falls and so much more… The two weeks flew by and were really well organised! As a lovely surprise, to round off the trip, I also got to meet the Schaub company’s sponsored child, Bumba Ambrose, personally. Bumba is ten years old now. His school education is financed with an annual donation by the staff.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved, but especially Norbert Schaub GmbH, who gave me this unique opportunity. I also would like to say a big thank you to the tour guide for the excellent organisation, which is not always easy in a country like Uganda. I got to know lots of open and warm-hearted people, an interesting culture and a wonderful country, which is more diverse and stunning than I ever imagined. I hope the projects in Uganda will continue to get enough support in future to ensure their continued success.

It was a wonderful experience, thank you!
Travel report by Sari Melcher


In 1995, the founding members of Tukolere Wamu decided, based on personal experiences and encounters, to found an association that supports projects that “help people to help themselves”.

Our project:
Construction of the Odongo James Secondary School in Uganda is continuing with great success this year. In a presentation about Uganda, we were able to present a donation cheque for €10,000. Thanks to the scientific laboratory that we had already financed in 2010 and 2011, the school has already gained state recognition as a secondary school.

There are currently 110 students at the school in classes S 1 to S 4 (the equivalent of British years 8 to 11), after which they sit their “O-Levels”, which are the equivalent of GCSEs. After this, the students have the opportunity to undertake vocational training or further schooling.

To allow academically gifted but underprivileged children to attend the school, we are financing 2 to 3 scholarships for the next year. If the scholarship recipients’ performance deteriorates, the scholarship can be transferred to other students.

Due to the limited financial situation, the school struggles to find good teachers. The school currently employs a handful of full-time teachers as well as several part time teachers. Soon, a special “subject teacher for girls” will be recruited to meet the requirements of the high number of female students. A teacher earns approximately 250,000 UGX a month (around £55 ).

To “help people to help themselves” here as well, we will also use this year’s donation to finance the training of a teacher and improve the quality of teaching. In return, this trained teacher must commit to the school to ensure that the training benefits the school.

As many students walk to school from remote villages and it is impossible for them to go home during their lunch break and then return to school for afternoon classes, the school also provides food. A new building is required for this, which needs to be designed relatively open-plan so that it can also be used for assemblies. This new building will also be covered by this year’s donation.

It is also important to Tukolere Wamu e.V. to always treat people on an equal footing. The projects and people in the countries supported are themselves treated as partners and experts in their field. The people decide for themselves what is the most important to them at any given moment and make their project applications to the association. These are then carefully analysed by the board, who work on a voluntary basis, in three or four meetings a year. The project planners receive contracts, which they sign and must comply with, to guarantee that the help is received where it is intended.

We are delighted to be part of this scheme to “help people to help themselves” and are pleased to observe the development of these projects. We want to thank all the volunteers, friends and members of the Tukolere Wamu association for their tireless dedication to helping the people of Uganda.